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Here, we share noteworthy articles found in the news.

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One Million Moms issues ‘urgent warning’ to parents in response to Disney’s FX series ‘Little Demon’:, 09/05/2022

Biden Administration Issues Title IX Regulations: Parental Rights at Stake:, 08/25/2022

James Webb Telescope Images Reveal 'Power' and 'Majesty' of God: Christian Leaders:, 07/12/227

Supreme Court says Maine can’t bar parents from using state funds to send kids to religious schools:, 06/21/22

Show And Tell:, May, 2022

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5 pro-life strategies for post-Roe America:, 05/18/2022

Grandma Arrested in UK for Praying Silently While Walking Outside Awaits Trial:, 05/17/2022

Supreme Court Backs Christian Group in Boston Flag Flap: 05/02/2022

California Assembly Health Committee Passes Bill That Would Legalize Infanticide:, 04/20/2022

Supreme Court to Hear Case of Fired Football Coach Who Prayed at 50-Yard-Line:, 04/14/2022

Disney to air ad accusing Americans who oppose genital mutilation of kids of wanting to 'tear families apart':, 04/12/2022

State Can Ban Pre-Game Prayers at Football Championships, Judge Rules:, 04/12/2022

City Blocks Christian School from Opening Due to Its Religious Beliefs: Legal Group:, 04/05/2022

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3,000-Year-Old Tablet with God's Name Affirms Biblical Timeline, Archaeologist Says:, 03/25/22

Judge Rebukes 2-Tiered Justice as Prayer Wins in Pivotal Jan. 6 Trial:, 03/25/2022

ACLJ Warns Proposed Maryland Senate Bill 'Could Legalize Infanticide Up to 28 Days After Birth':, 03/08/2022

Hungary Elects Bible-Believing Woman With Passion for Family Values as President:, 03/16/22

‘God Opened the Door for Us’: Texas Couple Returns Home After Adopting Boy With Cerebral Palsy From Ukraine:, 03/03/2022

Ukrainians Kneel in Prayer Outdoors as Russia Invades: 'Lord Please Intervene':, 02/24/2022

Lawmaker on trial in Europe for religious views a 'cautionary tale' for the US, says lawyer:, 02/18/22

New Docuseries to Make Case for the Existence of Biblical Giants, or Nephilim;, 02/17/2022

Christian Doctor Fired for Not Using Transgender Pronouns Files Appeal: 'My Case Affects Everyone':, 02/14/22

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Head of Nigerian ministry shares challenges, blessings of reaching the unreached with the Gospel:, 01/15/2022

Phil Robertson on Cancel Culture: Why America's Real Problem Isn't Political or Religious:, 01/31/22

Top Ten Discoveries in Biblical Archaeology in 2021:, 12/28/2021

Thousands of churches raise alarm about scope of new Canadian 'conversion therapy' ban:, 01/16/22

Supreme Court to review case involving high school football coach who was fired for on-field prayers:, 01/15/22

Heisman Winner Credits Christ: 'I'd Like to Thank My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ':, 12/13/2021

Life After Death: One woman brings her own tragic history to the fight to change her state’s aggressive abortion laws:, November, 2021

Dads form 'Dad's on Duty' squad to help stop violence at their kids' high school:, 10/27/2021

Judge Hears 3 Teachers’ Stand Against Transgender Policy Requiring Them to Ignore Students’ Biological Sex:, 11/15/2021


Mom Who Gave Birth to Rare Twins With Down Syndrome Slams Critics: “God Knew What He Was Doing”:, 11/04/2021

GOP's Winsome Sears Thanks Jesus after Historical Win: 'God Was Exactly with Us':, 11/03/2021

Young People Say Disconnect Keeps Them From Church:, 10/25/2021

It Looked Like No One Was Coming To Her Son’s Birthday Party So The Community Stepped In:, 10/21/2021

Texans to Vote on Whether Governments Can Limit Religious Services: Christian, 10/21/2021

Supreme Court Will Fast Track Decision on Texas Abortion Ban, Pro-Life Groups Expect Another Victory:, 10/19/2021

Father speaks out as police arrest man in connection with crash that killed his daughter: FOX 10 Phoenix, 09/08/2021

Powerful Moment When Victim’s Brother Forgave Officer Amber Guyger for Botham Jean Death: God Updates, 10/03/ 2019

Supreme Court to Consider: Can Boston Prohibit the Christian Flag while Flying 284 Other Ones?: Christin Headlines, 10/01/2021

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